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No more 
period surprises

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What is pslove Period Tracker?

When you use pslove Period Tracker, you're taking control of your feminine health. You'll not only get accurate period and fertility predictions, but also personalised tips and insights based on the symptoms you key in. It's simple and fuss-free!

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See the future

View your predicted periods and ovulation dates months in advance.

Sync with your own calendar app

Your period predictions can be synced with your Google or Apple Calendar. Now you can easily avoid planning important events around your period!

Get personalised health insights

Based on what you've logged, we offer tips on how to prevent & manage your symptoms.

Be prepared

Receive reminders on when your period will arrive. You'll never be caught without your pads/tampons again!

Shh... it's a secret

Our privacy mode makes it easy for you to check on your period predictions, even in a crowded place.

User Reviews

"It shows clearly when my period will be and so far it has been accurate."

Louise Teo

No more 
period surprises

"The best period tracker app by far! 5 stars!!"


"The app offers really nice advice, like a friend!"

Lau Siaw Ee

"Very very user-friendly, honestly!"


"Easy to use!"

Thor Jiamin

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