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We believe in using natural, high quality products to overcome the challenges that we face daily.

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Effective Pain Relief for Women

Clinically-proven, effective heat therapy
patches that relieve your pain naturally,
wherever they may be! 

Our patches stay warm for up to 12 hours a day so you can just peel, stick & carry on!

Natural & Drug Free Patches

Fast & Effective

Provides quick relief as it heats up to a therapeutic temperature

Comfortable Design

Bends to fit the contours of your abdomen

No one will know 

Medical grade adhesive for maximum comfort

For all-day  relief using 100% natural heat

Discreet & Odorless

Soft on Skin

Long Lasting

What our users say?

" I saw this at Guardian and I was like, I need to try Menstruheat. 

And it's amaaazzingg! It's like freaking amazing. It heats up relative fast and the thing is, it lasts freaking long. 

It's warm and snuggly and it justs sayang you."

Xenia Tan, Influencer

" Menstruheat pad is extremely good on days that you get VVV PAINFUL CRAMPS!!

It's really thin and heats up in less than 5 minutes once it comes to contact with air.

Now, I don't have to worry about cancelling plans with my firiends with I have cramps!"


But this day, I was surprised when my boyfriend bought me this miracle patch and the thing that surprised me the most is that he knew something like this to fight monthly cramps and dysmenorrhea.

Thanks for this incredible invention! 
Ps. I love this Patch!"

Katrina Linao

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Some commonly asked questions

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What is the product made of and how does it work?

Menstruheat relies on an exothermic reaction within the pouch to emit heat. When the ingredients (iron powder, carbon and salt) inside the pouch comes into contact with air, a reaction is triggered and heat will be emitted.

Menstruheat is formulated to heat up quickly to give you the needed instant relief. Menstruheat powers and supports your day by providing all day relief. 

How do the patches help with pain relief?

Did you know that heat therapy has been clinically-proven to be as effective for pain relief as ibuprofen? Heat therapy works in 3 ways:
1) Body pains are usually caused by muscle contractions and strains. Heat relaxes and soothes the contracted muscles. 
2) Heat expands blood vessels, which increases blood flow to the affected areas. Blood carries nutrients and oxygen which aids recovery. 
3) Heat has a reassuring physiological effect on our body. 

It's like having a nice, warm hot water bottle that goes around with you, without the hassle of refilling.

For first-time users, stick the patches on top of your clothes to test your skin's tolerance to heat before sticking them onto your skin.

Can I reuse Menstruheat?

Each patch is good for one-time use but you can remove and reapply it for up to 12 hours, a full day of relief for you!

In fact, we recommend that you remove it for about 30 seconds after every hour of use for more consistent heating and effective pain relief throughout the day.


Our patches works very well for pregnant and breastfeeding moms as it emits 100% natural heat with no medication. That means no side effects for you and your baby! 

It's as safe as a hot water bottle or hot towel, but more convenient and thinner than your baby's diapers!

If you're not sure, please check with your doctor or gynae.

Is Menstruheat safe for pregnant or breastfeeding moms?

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